Resolution and Depth

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Resolution and Depth by Mind Map: Resolution and Depth

1. Calculate depth of field

1.1. based on circle of confusion

1.2. also, there are calculators used to help show what the depth is

2. Circle of Confusion

2.1. how much blur on point is needed to be considered sharp or unsharp

2.2. 0.01 inches

3. Depth

3.1. range of sharpness in an image

3.2. varies on camera, aperture and distance

4. controlling depth of field

4.1. aperture and focal distance or key factors of depth

5. focal length and depth of field

5.1. focal length is not an influence to depth of field

6. Resolution and Pixel Dimensions

6.1. can be changed through photoshop

6.2. resolution's width and height can be made larger or smaller

6.3. MP stands for mega-pixel

7. Document Size

7.1. affects how many pixels are printed per inch

7.2. total pixels divided by pixels per inch

8. pixel size

8.1. goes per inch ex.: 30 pixels per inch