Poter's Five Forces

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Poter's Five Forces by Mind Map: Poter's Five Forces

1. HIGH Intensity of existing rivalty

1.1. Large industry size

1.2. What do other companies see as your strengths?

1.3. Worldwide competitors and local competitors

1.4. Competition between the stores of the Carrefour's group

1.5. Olopolistic market (dominated by few big groups)

2. MEDIUM Bargaining power of suppliers

2.1. High competition among suppliers

2.2. Low

2.3. Low bargaining power of the local suppliers who are independent of the retailers (famers: milk, meat...)

2.4. High bargaining power of the worldwide and national brands which are essential in order to satisfy the customers (Coca-Cola, Nestle...)

3. LOW Threat of new competitors

3.1. Strong distribution network required

3.2. Customers are loyal to existing brands

3.3. Entry barriers are high

3.4. New Idea

3.4.1. New Idea

4. HIGH Threat of substitutes

4.1. Volatility of the customers

4.2. Specialized stores

4.3. Minimarkets

4.4. Development of the cooperatives (local food, local producers)

4.5. Big range of products with different brands means a lot of substitutable products

5. LOW Bargaining power of customers

5.1. Low switching costs

6. New Idea