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Invest in Turkey agriculture by Mind Map: Invest in Turkey agriculture
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Invest in Turkey agriculture

Assessment (6 min)

Short term (coming 12-month)

Need 1 presenter. Duration 3 minutes. 吹+support.

Political / Legal


Successful stories, JAIN, Indian drip irrigation systems, Saudi Arabic investment, (1) Export food grown in Turkey to middle east, (2) AgroInvest



Long term (same as ST)

吹+support. Need 1 presenter.

Turkey will be a global power in the next 100 years. (Friedman's The Next 100 Years)

Turkey Business Forecast (see link in (4))

Intro (3 min)

Need 1 presenter Duration 3 minutes.

Turkey the country

Basic info (pick a few points to say), Cultural, Population demographics, Political / Legal, Geographic & natural forces, Financial status

Related int'l business info, Major trading partners, Trade barriers

Key factors affecting agricultural FDI (6 min)

Presenter: Ray + Chi .

Labor cost


Neighbour nations

65% of farmland > 5 hectares


Population & Local demand

Growing local dermand

More grouped retailers to buy crops / livestocks

Compare agriculture with other countries (3 min)

Match factors mentioned in (2). Stephen Duration 3 minutes.

Global Competitiveness Report 09

Compare Turkey with E. Europe countries