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Enigma Ideas by Mind Map: Enigma Ideas

1. warmups

1.1. 5.1 alternative uses for?

1.2. Say the opposite

1.2.1. See how opposites change after going round for 1 minute

2. Systems Modelling

2.1. 1.1 number of children for stable population

2.2. 1.2 Mouse/cat/wolf type population models


2.3. river deposition

2.3.1. particle size

2.3.2. particle quantity

2.3.3. water velocity

2.3.4. turbulence - character of river bed


3. Algorithm Design/Programming

3.1. 2.1 sorting

3.2. 2.2 searching

3.3. 2.3 project Euler

3.4. Google Earth API

3.5. Code Academy

4. Problem solving

4.1. 3.1 Westpoint Bridge builder

4.2. 3.2 water and jug puzzle

4.3. What is wrong with my automatic gearbox on my Renault Megane 1.6 automatic.

4.3.1. Pupils will need to work out what makes a planetary transmission sytem work and the what can go wrong. Lots of maths, engineering and technology, input commands, output results. Clues can be provided: It drops out of top gear with a clunk after a few minutes if driven hard. It may drop down a gear even when driven softly. Revs jump by 1/3 when it drops out of gear. Sometimes but rarely it can drop from 2 to 1. It can stay in too high a gear. Switching off and on, temporarily fixes the problem. It has been doing it for two years without getting worse. Further clues available. Can they diagnose the problem and solution without taking the transmission apart?

4.4. cyphers

5. Why is it so?

5.1. 4.1 musical notes

5.2. why are computers digital?

5.3. Worth vs value

5.3.1. New Idea

6. Humanities

6.1. 6.1 How do you calculate the cost of war?

6.2. 6.2 Who is the greatest Briton?

6.3. 6.3 To what extent is technology the greatest threat to the planet? what else are threats

6.4. 6.4 2. Is life better in 2013 than at any other time in history?

6.5. 6.5 What is the greatest invention in history and why?

6.6. Can the Earth support 7 billion people in terms of energy, water, food and cities?

6.7. 2)Ledbury, where should new house be built? I do have a contact would would love input from school pupils (she came into assembly)

6.8. 3) What will happen to the UK if climate increases by 3 degrees?

6.9. 4) Why should we protect vulnerable environments?

6.10. 5) Is the world fair? (thinking of development issues, colonsation and distribution of wealth)

6.11. 6) Does inner city regeneration bring new life or make places faceless and all the same?

7. happiness

7.1. what makes you happy?

8. Better school competition