Types of blood cells

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Types of blood cells by Mind Map: Types of blood cells

1. Blood consist of these cells

1.1. ERYTHROCYTES( Red blood cells)

1.1.1. Carry oxygen

1.2. THROMBOCYTES(Blood platelets)

1.2.1. To help in blood clotting

1.3. LEUKOCYTES( White blood cells)

1.3.1. Agranulocytes Lymphocytes Produce T-cells and B-cells which destroys antigen, produce memory cells and anti-bodies Monocytes Second to fight the site of infection by Macro-phages. They also clear up cellular debris after an infection.

1.3.2. Granulocytes Basophils Increased number of Basophils in the blood may indicate an inflammatory condition somewhere in the body. Neutrophils First respond to bacterial invasion of the body, kill by Phagocytosis Eosinophils Increased number of Eosinophils in the blood may indicate parasitic infection somewhere in the body.

2. Facts

2.1. 55% Plasma

2.1.1. helps to maintain regular PH and regular tempreture

2.1.2. The medium in which blood cells are transported around the body

2.1.3. Plasma consists of 90% water

2.1.4. Have Dissolved substance include electrolytes such as Sodium, chlorine, potassium, manganese and calcium ions.

2.2. 45% components

2.2.1. 99% are Erythrocytes

2.2.2. 1% are Thrombocytes and Leucocytes

3. Giving blood

3.1. Click here to find location near you for Blood donation. http://www.heartlandbc.org/cntr_joliet.html

4. Watch Khan Academy Lecture on Blood Cells

4.1. http://youtu.be/fLKOBQ6cZHA