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Whitby by Mind Map: Whitby
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Whitby, Development, Coast, England, Seaside, Museum, Education, Engineering, Planning, Urban

New Public Spaces

Church Street - Pedestrianise

Length of Church Street to be Pedestrianised as it comes up from the swing bridge to Green Lane junction

Open green area with single low profile vehicle lane for access only.

Church Street Car Park - Cafe area

Church Street Car Park becomes the new location for a cafe area, integrated with the pedestrianised Church Street

Bandstand & Pier Road

Fish market is relocated to the current amusement arcades.

Significantly widen the Northern end of Pier Road by demolishing current fish market site

Create integrated feel with recently refurbished bandstand area

Study Centre/Museum Complex


Childrens interactive museum and adventure playground in the mould of Eureka in Halifax.

Geological study centre for school kids, students and professional research

Archaelogical study centre for school kids, students and professional research


Whaling history of Whitby - currently displayed cramped and unfocused in Whitby Museum

Captain Cook museum - retain his house as tribute but extend biographical element in new museum

To be sited on Endeavour Wharf for prime riverside views

Park and Ride Planning

Old Train Depot - New Bus Depot

Site building disused but still in good condition upon external visual examination.

Is at a lower level to road thus out of the direct sight line of Residents.

Create shallow ramp from Windsor Terrace

Main Points of access become places where bus stops.

South end of Church Street where pedestrianisation begins.

Whitby Abbey

Langbourne road - site of new museum complex and Office Space/Hotel

Commercial Space

5 Star Hotel

Low profile 5 star business oriented hotel on Endeavour Wharf with own private parking

Office Space & Conference centre

Flexible Office space located between railway and Langbourne Road where car parking currently sits. With own private parking, possibly underground

Exisiting spaces - The Ropery & Coliseum, Fairly small and modest. Coliseum duty receptionist believes there is a need for more office space in Whitby

Tate Hill Marina

Capacity for extra spaces as a long waiting list exists for berths

Tate Hill pier may need extending - fairly exposed location

River Crossings

New Footbridges

Langborne Footbridge, Route to close loop in upper harbour and encourage more footfall on Church Street, Access and development of new footpath away from sea on east side to connect to Whitby-Scarborough Trailway

Existing Road Bridges

High Level Bridge, Rebuilt using modern techniques to provide longer lifespan and more pleasant aesthetics., Suspension type construction allowing the exclusion of piers and a faster construction with less impact on the ecology of the river, Dual Carriageway layout to allow future road expansion and provide closeable lanes for when routine maintenance is required.

Swing Bridge, Bridge foundations will be grouted and strengthened., Wooden protection around piers will be replaced with compact fence of piles driven down into the bedrock, a narrow walkway will be built on top for inspection., Pedestrianisation of the bridge will reduce vibration significantly, greatly prolonging service life of the structure., Deck and mechanics rebuilt with modern materials and modern structural analysis to give lower profile, lighter bridge with similar design and capability to take emergency vehicles in cases of emergencies