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EventPlus by Mind Map: EventPlus

1. Entry

1.1. Enter the event - has profile

1.1.1. All of these also relate to all of the other conditions below

1.1.2. Straightforward entry, no codes/teams

1.1.3. Has team code

1.1.4. Has group code

1.1.5. Has discount code

1.1.6. Has many team codes (joining mulitple teams in a series)

1.1.7. Has team + discount code

1.1.8. Has team + discount + group code

1.1.9. Has team + group code

1.1.10. Has no codes - worried should have a code

1.2. Enter the event - doesn't have profile

1.3. Enter self and kids in event - no profiles exist

1.4. Enter self and kids in event - all profiles exist

1.5. Enter self and kids in event - some profiles exist

1.6. Enter family members only - no profiles exist

1.7. Enter family members only - some profiles exist

1.8. Enter family members only - all profiles exist

2. Revisit

2.1. Update profile

2.2. Update family profiles

2.3. Enter subsequent family members in event

2.3.1. Has profile

2.3.2. Doesn't have profile

2.4. Change entry details

2.5. Pay for own entry

2.6. Pay for a family member entry

2.7. Pay for family entries

2.8. Enter subsequent events in series for self

2.9. Enter subsequent events in series for family member

3. Groups

3.1. Create a group - have a profile

3.1.1. These relate to the other conditions below

3.1.2. Also want to enter

3.1.3. Don't want to enter

3.2. Create a group - don't have a profile

3.3. See who's in my group

4. Store

4.1. Purchase from store - logged in already

4.2. Purchase from store - has profile but not yet logged in

4.3. Purchase from store - no profile

4.4. Purchase from store - no idea about profiles just want to buy something