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Software Testing Education Resources in a nutshell by Mind Map: Software Testing Education Resources in a nutshell
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Software Testing Education Resources in a nutshell

This MindMap presents only possible resources but it doesn't discuss about the approach in education of the software testing. It focus only on the general resources in the Software Testing area. In fact of this it doesn't contain materials of domain knowledge like automation, performance, security etc. --- If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

[ Schools ]

Would U like to go to the school ? --- Schools in Poland





Szczecin ?

Kraków ?

Poznań ?

Bydgoszcz ?

Łódź ?

Katowice ?

Lublin ?

Białystok ?

Kielce ?

Rzeszów ?

[ Self ]

[ Experience ]

What we're doing and what can we do.

[ Testing Dojos ]

"Testers solve a problem (test this, evaluate tools, learn new approaches…) in pairs or individually to sharpen their skills." A Testing Dojo is a meeting where testers come together to work on a testing challenge. The testing challenge can consist of testing a product, or generate test ideas for a particular software, or even exercise bug reporting. Mainly the testing challenges will use Exploratory Testing.

[ Tutorials ]

It depends on the own goals and needs.

[ MindMaps ]

[ News ]

To be up to date ;)

[ Individuals ]

People who are worth of following. Follow Individuals on their posts and tweets.

[ WHO? ]

Known people in the Software Testing area. Just a few people from a huge list ;)

[ Software Testing Blogs ]

[ Conferences ]

Resources from conferences (archives): Presentations Videos



Polish ST Conference organized by SJSI


Google Test Automation Conference


Brighton - UK A TestBash is a one day conference from The Ministry of Testing. It is designed to inspire and educate, but equally as important it is about meeting other testers and building upon your knowledge & community.

EuroSTAR Software Testing

Gothenburg - Swedish / 2013, in general Europe biggest

Let's Test

Stockholm - Sweden AU

Nordic Testing Days

Tallinn - Estonia

Full list

[ C&I Community & Initiatives ]

One of the most (important?) ways of the knowledge sharing. Start crafting your software testing skills.

[ ST Community ]

Strong focus on learning, collaboration and resources.

[ Social ]


[ Certifications & Courses ]

[ Standards ]

[ Publications ]

~ [ Books ]

There are a lot of books about Software Testing and QA. Should I read all of them ? Amazon: look at the reviews and date of publication.

[ Magazines ]