Energy forms and uses: Heat

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Energy forms and uses: Heat by Mind Map: Energy forms and uses: Heat

1. What is heat?

1.1. form of energy

2. Sources of heat

2.1. primary sources of heat: Sun

2.2. other sources: fire, water heater, oven

3. What is temperature?

3.1. measurement of degree of hotness

3.2. thermometer

4. How does heat flows?

4.1. From hot to cold

4.2. until both reach same temperature

4.3. lose heat = decrease temp

4.4. gain heat = increase temp

5. Effects of heat gain/loss

5.1. expansion and contraction

5.1.1. Change in volume (space occupied)

5.2. change of state

6. Conductors of heat

6.1. how ''good' it allows heat to flow