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MUSIC by Mind Map: MUSIC


1.1. new divide by linkin park

1.2. the reason by hoobastank

1.3. faraway by nickelback

2. RnB

2.1. don't matter by akon

2.2. knock you down by keri hilson

2.3. halo by beyonce

3. RAP

3.1. 8 mile by eminem

3.2. best i ever had by drake

3.3. candy shop by 5 cent

4. POP

4.1. party in the USA by miley cyrus

4.2. paparazzi by lady gaga

4.3. i gotta feeling by black eyed peas


5.1. love story by taylor swift

5.2. i told you so by carrie underwood

5.3. you belong with me by taylor swift


6.1. love drunk by jonas brothers

6.2. 21 guns by greenday

6.3. two is better than one by boys like girls