Crabbe's Character; The Runaway

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Crabbe's Character; The Runaway by Mind Map: Crabbe's Character; The Runaway

1. Weak - "I am skinny, gangly and not strong." ( 36)

1.1. Crabbe was not one to go and work out, everything was usually done for him by other people.

2. Inexperienced - "And I had no map or compass - which was logical in a way because, I didn't know how to use either anyway." (59)

2.1. Crabbe had gone into the wilderness without a map or even a compass due to the fact that he is inexperienced and has never learned how to use either.

3. Smart - "You write like a poet and your I.Q. is higher than mine which is 150." (33)

3.1. Crabbe is smart but didn't put too much thought into school because he said that teachers who know all, ask those who don't know and don't care about the students opinion. So a new teacher told him to THINK and work hard because he is smart enough to do so.

4. Loneliness - "There's nobody my age on this floor since I came." (9)

4.1. Weak

4.2. Crabbe feels alone due to the fact of being admitted into the hospital. There are not many kids on the same floor as him.

5. In Denial - "A lot of people would say I had a drinking problem. I'd have denied that." (26)

5.1. Crabbe thinks that people only have a problem if they aren't able to get the things that they want. He believes that he is an average drinker when he really is an alcoholic.