Chinese Prose Analysis.

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Chinese Prose Analysis. by Mind Map: Chinese Prose Analysis.

1. Tao.

1.1. Second.

1.2. To live the simple life.

1.2.1. No drama.

1.2.2. Have respect.

1.2.3. Use the advice given.

1.2.4. Live by your morals.

1.2.5. Don't let anyone ever put you down.

2. Analects.

2.1. First.

2.2. Make your life better.

2.2.1. Respect yourself.

2.2.2. Respect your friends.

2.2.3. Respect your family.

2.2.4. Be a gentleman or lady around everyone.

2.2.5. Look at three things about yourself everyday.

3. Art Of War.

3.1. Third.

3.2. Violence in the world.

3.2.1. Enough violence already.

3.2.2. There's no need for war at all.

3.2.3. Violence is the wrong way to solve problems.

3.2.4. Buiness worlds shouldn't use it.

3.2.5. Teaches you how to be number one no matter what.

3.2.6. Dirty way to live your life.

3.2.7. Not the best way to live your life at all.