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Northern Renaissance by Mind Map: Northern Renaissance
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Northern Renaissance

Northern Renaissance Begins.

The population in Europe declined because of the bubonic plague.

Francis I of France asked Leonardo Da Vinci asked him to retire in France, then he hired an Italian artist to rebuild and decorate his castle. This is how his castle became a showcase of renaissance art.

The ideas spread to the North which created the style of realism.

The Artistic Ideas Spread

German painter Albrecht Durer created wood cuts and ingravings and many of his prints portrayed religious subjects.

Flemish painters

Northern Writers Try to Reform Society

The creation of Christian humanism. The main focus was education.

In 1509 the most famouse work of Eramus was the Praise of Folly

Womans Reforms

The Elizabethan Age

William Shakespear was the most famous writer in this time period.

Printing Spreads Renaissance Ideas

The chinese the first printing press.

In 1440 Gutenberg, a craftsman from Germany, developed a printing press that incorporated a number of technologies in a new way.

The Legacy of the Renaissance

Was a period of great artistic and social change.

The belief of the dignity of individuals played a role in the gradual rise of democratic ideas.

Changes in the Arts

Changes in Society