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Dictators threaten world peace by Mind Map: Dictators threaten world peace
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Dictators threaten world peace

Nationlism grips europe and asia

Militarists gain control in Japan

japan attackted the chinese province of Manchuria to get more living space

Failure of the WW1 peace settlement

cuz people were used to have a leader to solve their economic and social problems

Aggresion in europe and africa

the leauge of nation didnt interrupt hitler when he was sending soldiers into the rhineland whihc was a violation of the ToV. when italy invaded ethopia the LoN just responded with a small economic boycott which didnt hurt italy

The rise of fascism in italy

Mussolini established a totalitarian regime. the unemployment and inflation helped him. in 1921 he had established the fascist party

civil war brakes out in spain

francisco franco a spanish fascist rebelled against the goverment and the civil war broke out. the usa entered the war to fight against the facist. germany,russia and italy supported spain. in the end franco won

the nazis take over germany

hitler established his german workers party 1932 as the strongest party. he gave the 6 million unemployed hope for a better future.

Joseph Stalin transforms the soviet union

in 1924 stalin took over control in russia. his state was a communist state. he industrialized the russian econmy and they became more urban.

The United States Responds cautionsly

Americans cling to isolatioism

they still believed in isolationism and passed the neutrality acts.

Neutrality breaks down

roosevelt find it impossible to remain neutral despite congessional efforts to legislate neutrality