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Ditators Threaten World Peace by Mind Map: Ditators Threaten World
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Ditators Threaten World Peace

Nationalism Grips Europe And Asia

Failures of the world war 1 peace settlement

"just and secure peace", the Tof V caused anger and resentment.

Germans was nothing fair in a treaty that blamed them for starting the war.

The peace settlement had not fulfilled president wilson's hope of a world "safe for democracy" new democratic Gov't that emerged in Europe after the war floundered

Joseph atalin transforms the soviet union

In Russia, hopes for democracy gave wat to civil war, resulting in the establishment of a communist state, officially called the Soviet Union.

After V.I. Lenin died in 1924, Joseph Stalin, whose last name means man of Steel. took control of the countries

Stalin moved to transformd, the Soviet Union from a backward rural nation into a great industrial power.

The Soviet Union dictator outlined the first of several " fave-year plans" to direct the industrialization in 1928

By 1939, Stalin had firmly established a totalotarian government that tried to exert complete control over its citizen

The rise of fascism in Italy

Stalin was consolidating his power in the Soviet Union, Benito Mussolini was establishing a totalirian regime in Italy

unemployment and inflation produced bittrt strikes, some communist-led. Alarmed by these threats, the middle and upper classes demanded stornger leadership.

By 1921, Mussolini had established the Fascist party. Fascism stresses nationalism and placed the interests of the state above those of individuals.

In october, 1922 Mussolini marched on Rome with thousands of his followers whose black uniforms gave thrm the name "black shirts"

The Nazis take over Germany

Adolf hitler had followed a path to power similar to Mussolini's. HItler lost job., In 1919 He joined a struggling group called rhe National Socialist German Workers Party( Nazi Party) this party had no conection to socialism

Hitler set forth the basic beliefs of Nazism that became the plan of action for Nazi Party

The Great Depression helped the Nazis come to power., Because of war debts and dependence on America has loan and investments, Germany's economy was hit hard

Militarists gain control in Japan

Ignoring the protests of more moderate Japanese officials, the militarists launched a surprise attack and seized control of the chinese province of Manchuria in 1931

Aggression in Europe and Africa

In 1933 Hitler pulled Germnay out ofnthe League. In 1935, he began a military buildup in violation of T of V

Civil war breaks out in Spain

In 1936,a group of Spanish army officers led by General Francisco Franco rebelled against the spanish republic, Revolts broke out all over spain, and the spanish civil war began.

The United States Responds Cautiously

Americans cling to isolationism

In the early 1930s, a flood of books argued that the United States had been dragged into World War 1 by greedy bankers and arms dealers.

Americans; growing isolationism eventually had an impact on president Roosevelt's foreign policy. when he had first taken office 1933, Roosevelt felt comfortable reaching out to the world several ways

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