Intake Call

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Intake Call by Mind Map: Intake Call

1. Qualification

1.1. Property

1.1.1. Lets talk about the property first. Overall what kind of condition would you say the property is in?

1.1.2. How many bedrooms and bathrooms

1.1.3. What kind of condition are the kitchen and bath in?

1.1.4. How about the major systems. Electric/Heating/Plumbing/Roof. Have these been updated recently or are they pretty dated?

1.1.5. Is the property currently vacant or occupied. If vacant, how long?

1.1.6. If rented: How long. Paying tenant? Long term lease or month to month?

1.2. Situation

1.2.1. Sounds like a decent, property. Any specific reason why you are looking to sell it?

1.2.2. Do you have a timeline of how soon you were looking to sell it?

1.2.3. Is there anything owed against it? Any taxes, liens, mortgages, etc? IF so how much.

1.3. Price

1.3.1. Realistically what's the best you you could do for the property price wise?

1.3.2. If we could pay all CASH, for the property what is the lowest you would take for the property?

1.3.3. Are you flexible on that?

2. Objective

2.1. Extract Pertinent Information

2.2. Gauge Motivation

2.3. Convey Confidence

2.4. Build Rapport

2.4.1. Humor

2.4.2. Common Ground

2.4.3. Identifying with their situation

3. Introduction

3.1. Hi, Mrs Smith This is Adura from iBuy Philly Houses. I got your voice mail in regards to the property at 123 Main Street. How are you doing?!

3.1.1. Be energetic

3.1.2. Be Confident

3.1.3. Every Call, could be your NEXT deal

3.2. Did I catch You at a good time

3.2.1. Shows respect for the other persons time

3.2.2. IF it's a bad time then schedule a time to call back

3.3. Were you looking to actually sell the property?

3.3.1. quickly determine IF the person is looking to sell or just wasting time

4. Agenda

4.1. Ok, what i'd like to do is get some more information from you about the property so that we can get the ball rolling. is that ok?

4.1.1. This gives you permission to move onto the next phase.

4.1.2. prepares the seller for round of questions to come

5. Call Closure

5.1. Ok, Mrs smith. looks like we've covered everything

5.2. What i'm going to do is do some research based off everything you've told me.

5.3. This does seem like a property that we would be interested in. We are looking to pick up a few more properties here shortly

5.4. Remember We purchase all our properties for CASH and in AS-IS condition

5.5. Let me do some research and i'll give you a call back in the next day or so. When is the best time to reach you? Whats the absolute best number to reach you on?