SACTRC Current Project

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SACTRC Current Project by Mind Map: SACTRC Current Project

1. Hospital Based Projects

1.1. Interventional

1.1.1. Approved Diazepam Antioxidants Paraquat MCPA Alkalinisation

1.1.2. Active Magnesium Clonidine Paraquat Immunosupression Propanil Refining Management Ventilation Intubation Extubation

1.1.3. Possible Oxime RCT 2A Standard oxime vs WHO Interim Outcomes

1.1.4. Planning Primary Hospital

1.1.5. Pending Analysis Oxime RCT 2 FDP in Oleander FFP

1.1.6. Complete RCT1 Charcoal

1.2. Observational

1.2.1. Cohort PK OP PK

1.2.2. Active Intermediate Syndrome Neurophysiology Followup Generic Consent to allow approaching Patients Bedside testing MetHb

1.2.3. Planned Bedside testing Paracetamol Paediatric Poisoning Aroona Peripheral Hospital Cluster Randomised Nosocomial Poisoning

1.2.4. Possible Peripheral Neuropathy Urban Epidemiology

1.2.5. Pending Analysis Becks Intent study Aroona Alcohol Withdrawal Cost of Poisoning Re: pesticide poisoning work - progress update Zinc Phosphate Glyphosate Kinetics Progress report- Sri Lanka analysis Darren Paraquat Prediction RE: paraquat prognosis study RE: paraquat prognosis study Assay Bedside goldstandard Case Series Chlorathalonil case series (with CRAs) Epidemiology of oleander poisoning (with CRAs) Study on previous self harm with Aravinda Burning sensation - a prognostic tool for paraquat mortality? (with CRAs?) Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl case series Chlorfluorazone poisoning (with Ashraf)

1.2.6. Complete Cognitive Impairment following OP Peripheral Treatment Behaviour Atropine Protocols Mark Propanil PK Darren

1.3. Under Preparation

1.3.1. Psychiatric Borderline Personality Disorder Data Forms

1.3.2. Staff Attitude effect of weekly feedback Baseline

2. Toxinology

2.1. Antiivenom Infusion Rate RCT

2.2. Antivenom Efficacy

3. Paraquat Projects

3.1. Paraquat Immunosuppression

3.2. Formulation Change

3.2.1. Martin Wilks: Syngenta

3.3. Paraquat Salicylate

4. Community Based Projects

4.1. Active

4.1.1. Safe Storage SACTRC Phase 1 Pilot Ongoing Followup SACTRC Phase 2

4.1.2. Pharmacoeconomic

4.1.3. Community Alcohol Intervention Prabhash Ranil Abeysinghe Targeted Alcoholics

4.2. Planned

4.2.1. Suicide Factors David Gunnell Wellcome Grant Application risk factors for acute pesticide poisoning community perception of risk from pesticides mapping of poisoning cases

4.3. Possible

4.3.1. Cognitive Processing and RBC-AChE levels in “sprayers” who are occupationally exposed to OP pesticides (with Bishan and others)

4.4. Pending Analysis

4.4.1. Regulatory Relative Toxicity Pesticide Restriction

4.4.2. Paraquat Kassippu

4.5. Complete

4.5.1. Safe Storage SACTRC Pilot 1 Polo CropLife

4.5.2. Inteon 1

5. To Do

5.1. SAICM

5.1.1. Good Proposal

5.1.2. Review Highlight some environmental outcomes Stay within Lanka Phase II

5.1.3. Meet January

5.2. Paraqaut

5.3. Pradeepa

5.4. Galle

5.4.1. Other Project

5.5. Chilaw

5.5.1. Alcohol

5.6. Peradeniya

5.6.1. Transfer

5.6.2. Lab review

5.6.3. Paraquat

5.7. Magensium

5.8. Colombo

5.8.1. Coroners Study

5.8.2. Ganga

5.9. Statistics

5.10. neurology miniconferenece

6. Evidence

6.1. Translation into practice

6.2. WHO Multilevel Pesticide Management

6.3. Systematic reviews

6.4. New Poisons Book

6.5. Distance Learning Course

6.5.1. Newcastle

6.5.2. South Asia

6.6. Toxicology Wiki

7. General Toxicology

7.1. Effects of pH

7.1.1. Darren Roberts Validation Kinetics and Dynamics Dose response Oleander Lavage & pH ethics From: Darren Roberts Protocols\Darren\NaHCO3 study.rtf Protocols\Darren\AGH lavage protocol1.DOC Protocols\Darren\AGH OP&MCPA dose response3.DOC Protocols\Darren\lavage obs Consentform.doc Protocols\Darren\lavage obs letter.doc Protocols\Darren\lavage obs Patientinfosheet.doc Protocols\Darren\NaHCO2 DRS letter.doc Protocols\Darren\NaHCO3 Consentform.doc Protocols\Darren\NaHCO3 Patientinfosheet.doc

7.2. Other Potential projects

7.2.1. Oleander whole bowel irrigation high dose dextrose glycopyrolate bicarbonate Oleader Radiolucent?

7.2.2. alternate ventilation

7.2.3. Forensic

7.2.4. Urban Rural Epidemiolgy

7.3. Suicide Incidence DSH

7.4. Pathology

7.5. Intubation time vs GCS

7.6. Poisoned Pregnant women registry

7.7. Atropine and Myocardial Injury

7.8. Oleander

7.8.1. sugar and oleander

7.9. Op Cardiovascular

7.9.1. isocyanine green

7.9.2. Waradhan

8. Colombo

8.1. Coroners Study

8.2. Treatment Behaviour

8.2.1. Lumbini

8.3. Pharmacoeconomic

8.3.1. Ganga

9. PostGrad

9.1. PhD

9.1.1. Current Pradeepa BIshan Ganga Shehana Indika

9.1.2. Potential Sudheera Melissa Kim

9.1.3. Completed Tharaka Darren

9.2. Masters

9.2.1. Current Aroona Mark Bangladesh Sharrif Basher Shukry Vellhore Shanta Fahim

9.2.2. Completed Lalith

9.3. Other

9.3.1. Current Celie

9.3.2. Potential Manjula Ravi

10. Gamani

10.1. Paraquat

10.1.1. Reformulation 6.5%

10.2. Minimum Pesticide List

10.2.1. New Agents Defining Toxicity Unit Cost much the same

10.2.2. Market Share Details

10.2.3. ? Pesticides over represented in Poisoning

10.3. Carbamates

10.3.1. Relative toxicity ?Carbofuran

10.3.2. ? Movement to new ways of use

10.3.3. add details