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Operating Systems by Mind Map: Operating Systems
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Operating Systems

Definition:(computer science) software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services

What % use the window


Focus on window 7

Linux: Open Source, Free

Pros: Open sources, stability, variety, thousand of apps for everything imaginable constant updating improvement etc...

Con:you have to learn about computers and OS to install and maintain it correctly

Apple, OSX, Leopard

PRO'S:Runs on just about any hardware. It is a misnomer that Linux lacks the driver support of Windows and OSX. Linux actually has the broadest driver support of any system. I don’t see Windows running on your TomTom. What is true, is that the latest and greatest hardware doesn’t come to Linux first if the manufacture choose not write Linux drivers. For most things this isn’t a problem for the same reason it isn’t a problem for OSX. Just be aware of the issue before running out to buy the latest add on.

ConsThe shear number of options can be daunting to a non-technical user. Although, like OSX, the distribution you select will determine the level of complexity presented or hidden from the end user. For instance, my mom would have no problem using Ubuntu but, only the uber techies among us would opt for the Gentoo Linux distribution.

Cellphone operating system

Pros:The largest library of programs and applications. Some commercial games work only with windows and Direct X. Almost all hardware has drivers which are compatible with windows. Most widely used

cons: Prone to viruses, spyware, and ad ware if proper steps not taken such as installation of internet security software, which reduces performances speed Requires regular maintenance to avoid systems errors and reduced performances. Even with maintenance, issues can slowly accumulate requiring are installation of windows to restore performance and fix software issues. Purchasing a windows license/install sick can be relatively expensive windows vista, the most recent version version of window, has high system requirements.