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Media Briefing, 10 Nov 2009 by Mind Map: Media Briefing, 10 Nov 2009
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Media Briefing, 10 Nov 2009

Radley College: Ben Hatt, James Fournier, Charlie Brookhouse

Media is Ubiquitous

St Helen's:

What is Reality

Twisted Words & Data

Dove Evolution

Killed, Died, Lost, Passed Away

Images influence our Perceptions

Media aims to Influence

Media people usually have an agenda

What constraints should there be ?

Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech

Censorship, Super Injunction, China, Saudi Arabia, etc

Truth as a victim of campaigning

What media do we want?

Do facts get checked ?

Do we get the media we deserve?




Social Media

An environment without constraint

An escape valve for the Truth, Iran, Twitter

A public hoarding for new lies

Politics is Shaped by Media

Does the Fourth Estate set the Agenda?

Fourth Estate

... or hold Government to account

MPs Expenses

Intrusive Legislation

... or simply aim to better inform

Newsnight, Question Time, The Independent

...or is the Media manipulated by Politicians

cf Obama