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Operating System by Mind Map: Operating System
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Operating System

Definition: Software that controls the wxecution of computer programs and may provide various service, operating Systems (commonly abbreviated to OS, O/S or kernel) is and interface between hardware and software in a computer system. The OS is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the limited resources of the computer

What % use windows

90% use it

10% don't use it

Cell phone Operating System

I have T-Mobile G1

Android by Google

T-Mobile Wing

Windows Mobile

Verizon Droide

Android by Google


Pros: Not a primary target for hackers on the web.

Cons: it is not designed for windows.

Linux: Open Source,Free


Pros: It is an alternative to Office and Windows

Pros: Free Software Updates

Cons: Without a CD you may have to play with the iso files and make and burn discs.