I'm a Work at Home Parent & This is What I do! Visit www.webmums.com

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I'm a Work at Home Parent & This is What I do! Visit www.webmums.com by Mind Map: I'm a Work at Home Parent & This is What I do! Visit www.webmums.com

1. Family Commitments

1.1. School Runs

1.1.1. Nursery To From

1.1.2. Primary School To From

1.1.3. Secondary school | College To From

1.2. Shopping

1.2.1. Food

1.2.2. Clothes

1.2.3. Everything Else

1.2.4. Packing it and then unpacking it and then putting the damn stuff away!

1.3. HouseWork

1.3.1. Clothing Washing Ironing Putting Away

1.3.2. Cooking / Prep Breakfast Packed Lunches Other Lunches Evening Meal Sunday Roasts Other

1.3.3. Cleaning Dusting Bedrooms Living Rooms Other Hoovering Bedrooms Bathroom Living Rooms Kitchen Wet Cleaning Bathroom Kitchen Rest of House in places

1.4. Appointments

1.4.1. Doctors Kids You (for stress relief) Relatives that need lifts

1.4.2. School School Plays Parents Evening Random Assemblies Every Fundraising Fair

2. Work Commitments

2.1. Business Idea

2.1.1. Market Research Amazon Amazon uk Shopping Yahoo Google Insights eBay Pulse ebay Pulse UK Yahoo! answers Magazines 43 Things Quancast Big Boards Google products Google Trends for Websites

2.1.2. Getting Your Business Online Choose Designer Choose Shopping Cart Build Shop Use a Blog

2.2. Appointments

2.2.1. Meeting Designers

2.2.2. Sourcing Products

2.2.3. Networking for JVs

2.3. Getting Business

2.3.1. Website Optimisation Keyword Research Google Adwords Keyword Tool Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool Keyword Discovery Tool SEO Book Keyword Tool eBay Pulse UK eBay Pulse Good Keywords Market Samurai Learn it All at Web Mums SEO Optimsation Courses Learn Keyword Research Learn SEO Learn about Testing Learn About Conversion Learn about Authority Linking Learn About Social Media Learn About Web 2.0 Search Engine Optimization On Page Optimisation Off Page Optimization / Creating Backlinks

2.3.2. PR DIY PR Take the WebMums PR Training Course Issue Press Releases

2.3.3. Choose an Email Client for Newsletters aWeber Set Up an Autoreponder Message MailChimp Infusion Soft iContact Constant Contact

2.3.4. Surveys SurveyMonkey PollDaddy

2.3.5. Conversion & Testing Tools Google analytics Google Website Optimzer Conversion Rate Calculator Site Load Timer BrowserShots BrowserCam CrazyEgg 4qSurvey Survey Monkey 108 Conversion Tips

2.4. Offline Promotion

2.4.1. marketing

2.4.2. Flyers

2.4.3. Car Ads

2.4.4. Press Ads

2.5. Competitive Analysis

2.5.1. WayBack machine

2.5.2. SEO Quake

2.5.3. SEO for FireFox

2.5.4. Yahoo Site Explorer

2.5.5. KeyCompete

2.5.6. Trellian Competitve Intelligence

2.5.7. INeedHits

2.5.8. SpyFu

2.5.9. Google trends for websites

2.5.10. Google alerts

2.5.11. SEO Moz Tools

2.5.12. Market Samurai (The Ultimate all Round Best Tool For Everything - doesn't mix a good martini tho!)

2.5.13. Quantcast

3. Social Commitments

3.1. Catching Up With Extended Family

3.2. Spending Quality Time With Your Partner

3.3. Spending Quality Time With Your Children

3.4. Finding Time to Relax

3.5. Trying to Enjoy Hobbies | Gym etc

3.6. Catching up with Friends Socially (you really need that large glass of vino!!)

3.7. Clubs

3.8. Social Engagements

4. Welcome to the Web Mums Mind Map of being a Work at Home Parent. The Next Time Someone asks you what you do for a living - forget trying to explain only to be met with a blank face - just whip out yer mind map! I really hope that this mind map also introduces you to a whole load of useful tools and becomes a great resource for you. Please make sure you pass it along to other Home Based Biz Parents - they'll certainly thank you for it! Best Wishes - Nikki Backshall