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Singularity University by Mind Map: Singularity University

1. combined with 3D-scanning

1.1. allows for personalized solutions

2. health, medical services

2.1. exo-skeletons

3. Ray Kurzweil thinks about thinking and the mind

3.1. Extending, augmenting the mind

3.1.1. By smartphone

3.1.2. By nano bots

3.1.3. By reprogramming genetic code

3.2. Predicts

3.2.1. 3D printing revolutionizes digital manufacturing Five years Drives down prices Equalizer

3.2.2. Health Major advancements 15-20 years

3.3. Considers risks

3.3.1. Terror, major mistakes Rules needed Prepare rapid responses

3.4. builds a synthetic neo-cortex

3.4.1. as director of engineering at Google

4. Organizations

4.1. Vapor, fluidity

4.1.1. Old structures very challenged They wanted long term predictibility They want to kill disruptive innovation

4.2. Small and nimble wins

4.2.1. We behave like crazy, colliding molecules Financial crisis as a cooling down

4.2.2. Tech enhanced collaboration

4.2.3. Competitions to attract external talent

4.2.4. Collaboration big with small

4.2.5. Big companies allow for change at the edges

4.2.6. Autonomous collaborators

4.2.7. Breaking down of classical hierarchy

4.2.8. Cities, small countries at an advantage

5. Challenges

5.1. 1 billion of hungry people

5.2. Jobs

5.2.1. Education MOOCs Online mentoring Workshops Resilient networks The Singularity University think tank incubator network family

5.2.2. Everyone has to become a maker

6. Ambient intelligence

6.1. Sensors

6.2. Ubiquitous connectivity

6.3. Hackable networks

6.3.1. Arduino

6.3.2. The internet

7. Robots

7.1. fast, accurate, consistent

7.1.1. Jobs an issue?

7.2. Drones

7.2.1. War Autonomy vs efficiency

7.3. health services

7.3.1. Robot surgeons

7.3.2. Protheses

7.3.3. Exoskeletons

7.3.4. many other trends

7.3.5. tele-services, apps, home care scanadu

7.4. Industry

7.5. Telepresence

7.5.1. iPads on Wheels

7.6. Adult

8. Artificial Intelligence

8.1. Watson wins Jeopardy

8.1.1. Watson becomes a super medic

8.1.2. Watson on the internet

8.2. IBM supercomputer

8.3. Tricorder

8.4. Jobs are an issue

8.5. The future?

9. What means exponential

9.1. What means singularity

10. 3D printing

10.1. can we print food?

10.1.1. yes, but very expensive - for now

11. synthetic biology

11.1. biohacking

11.1.1. dna extraction, sequencing, analysis bio-hacking spaces

11.1.2. DIY looking for drugs, solutions customized for a person or small groups for stuff not covered by Big Pharma

11.1.3. analyzing your genetic material costs now USD 1,000, 13 years ago it was USD 2.7 billion

11.2. genetic engineering

11.2.1. DNA sequencing moving to the cloud

12. 'Singularity University wants to impact one billion people in ten years time'

13. energy

13.1. the real problem is storage

13.2. the importance of the grid