European Nations Settle North America

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European Nations Settle North America by Mind Map: European Nations Settle North America

1. Competing Claims in North America

1.1. French Explorers Establish New France

1.2. A Trading Empire erupts in North America. The French were less interested in occupying land, instead, they were caught up in what was called the Fur Trade.

2. The English Arrive in North America.

2.1. Colonizing the Caribbean.

2.2. The Dutch Found New Netherland.

2.3. Puritans Create New England.

2.4. Jamestown is settled (England's first Colony).

3. The Struggle for North America.

3.1. England Battles France - England wanted more land, and so fought the French for it.

3.2. The English Oust the Dutch - The Dutch knew they were outmatched and surrendered to the English. No shots were fired.

3.3. French and Indian War

4. Native Americans Respond

4.1. A Strained Relationship is held between French and Dutch explorers.

4.2. Settles and Native Americans Battle - At Jamestown the Powhatan tribe attacked resulting in the deaths of 350 settlers.

4.3. Natives Fall to Disease - Smallpox disease, brought over by the European settlers, devastated Indian tribes in North America.