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Diversity by Mind Map: Diversity

1. Religion

1.1. Christianity

1.2. Judaism

1.3. Buddhism

1.4. Hinduism

1.5. Islam

1.6. Journal Entry: What are your feelings about other religions? Have you ever been exposed to any different religion apart from your own?

2. Beliefs

2.1. Christianity

2.1.1. Believes in Jesus of Nazareth

2.1.2. Largest religion in the world

2.1.3. teachers miracles, crucifixion and resurrection

2.1.4. Bible is the Holy text Old Testament New Testament

2.2. Judaism

2.2.1. Believes in a covenant.

2.2.2. "13 Articles of Faith"

2.3. Buddhism

2.3.1. "The Four Noble Truths" truth of suffering truth of the cause of suffering truth of the end of suffering truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering

2.3.2. "The Eightfold Path to Enlightenment"

2.4. Hinduism

2.4.1. Believes in a universal spirit that guides life on earth.

2.5. Islam

2.5.1. Religion based on Muhammed.

2.5.2. Qur'an is the sacred text

2.5.3. Second largest religion in the world

2.5.4. "Five Pillars of Islam" Faith prayer fasting pilgrimage alms

2.6. Journal Entry: What is your thoughts on a persons beliefs and values? How does beliefs and values shape a person? Give examples.

2.6.1. Another activity that could be beneficial is to have the students compare and contrast the religions to gain deeper understanding on the various religions. - Courtney

2.7. Individual Activity: Have the students compare and contrast the different religions to gain a deeper understanding of how they differ and how some might be alike.

3. Language

3.1. English

3.2. Spanish

3.3. Chinese

3.4. Hindi

3.5. Arabic

3.6. Dialect

3.6.1. Southern

3.6.2. Northern

3.7. Language barriers

3.8. Different word meanings among different cultures

3.9. Journal Entry: Seeing as there is such a diversity in language, imagine that you are a student who speaks English. The teacher announces that a new student who speaks primarily Spanish will be in the classroom. Explain ways that you as a student could help make the student feel welcomed and accepted despite of their differences.

3.10. Journal Entry (#2)- Imagine that you are a student who speaks primarily Spanish. This is your first year in a new school and you are entering a school/classroom that is primarily English speaking. Write about the feelings that you might be having during the time that you are transitioning and how you could adapt to the new environment and surroundings.

4. Gender

4.1. Male Stereotypes

4.1.1. provider

4.1.2. assertive

4.1.3. courageous

4.2. Female Stereotypes

4.2.1. Have children

4.2.2. nurturing

4.2.3. compassionate

4.3. Gender Inequality

4.3.1. Work Place/Professional Inequality Quick Write: List at least 5 occupations where the workers are predominantly male. I love your quick write ideas! Your students will always be engaged in an activity and will be able to connect what they are learning, to what they are writing about in their papers!! Quick Write: List at least 5 occupations where the workers are predominantly female.

4.3.2. Leadership Roles

4.3.3. Journal Entry: Why do you think that some jobs have more males as workers than females? How do you think one gender would react if diversity entered the workplace?

5. Socioeconomic Status

5.1. lower class

5.1.1. Quick Write: What are some struggles that people that are within the lower socioeconomic status might face? Give specific examples?

5.2. middle class

5.2.1. Quick Write: Do you think the financial status of a person or group matters in society? If so, why do you think it does?

5.3. upper class

5.3.1. Pair or group activity: Imagine that you were living as an upper class member in society. Suddenly you were forced to move leaving behind everything that you owned including most of your money and was only given $500 to live on. What items would you buy? Make a list of the items as well as the cost and why you chose the item that you did.

5.4. Journal Entry: How might financial status within families affect resource availability? What else might be affected between the socioeconomic classes?

5.5. Group Activity: Have students pair up into groups of two. Have individuals from different SES available for students to choose to interview. Have students interview the individuals. Before the interview takes place, students are to come up with guiding questions that will help prompt the interview (teacher approved). Students will gain personal insights and experiences from other people to help with understanding.

6. Race

6.1. Caucasian

6.2. African American

6.3. Native American

6.4. Latino

6.5. Hispanic

6.6. Guiding Question: Why might race influence how people from different races view/feel about each other?

6.6.1. African Americans slavery

6.6.2. Native Americans Trail of Tears (relocation)

6.6.3. Hispanic migrating for better job and life outcomes

6.6.4. Irish potato famine freeing tyranny

6.7. Read: "Little Blue and Little Yellow" by: Leo Lionni

6.8. Read: "A Larger Memory" by: Ronald Takaki (read parts that are relevant to study)

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