Best practices for team dev in single org

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Best practices for team dev in single org by Mind Map: Best practices for team dev in single org

1. Mop-up: App lifecycle

1.1. Trying is OK, but we need to keep it neat & lean

1.2. Clean up happens as often as releases

1.2.1. 20% of time allocated to it

1.3. Weed-out the old stuff

1.4. Use reports & dashboards to check utilization:

1.4.1. whatever isn't used - Delete it grace period, hide & delete

2. Integration / Jenkins

2.1. Dev has 3 codelines

2.1.1. Main

2.1.2. Patch

2.1.3. Freeze

2.2. Continuous jenkins integration

3. Release process

3.1. every 2 weeks

3.2. Frequent + Swiss watch precision

3.2.1. Scope could vary but schedule doesn't

3.3. no matter what, *you will release in 2 weeks", your code will be in production

3.4. process

3.4.1. 1. DE org

3.4.2. 2. Staging

3.4.3. 3. Release staging

3.4.4. 4. Integration merge code from other teams

3.4.5. 5. Production

3.5. fast pace ensures no big chunks of development

3.6. dev & release process in action:

3.6.1. image

4. Proper code review practices

4.1. mandatory

4.2. name of reviewer is required at check-in

4.3. no development of new features before all bugs are fixed

5. Coding guidelines

5.1. You are a community, consistency is key

5.2. How? Empower guest teams

5.2.1. let the teams manage their own dev env

6. A solid product owner

6.1. from the requestor's group

6.2. single point of contact on

6.2.1. stakeholders

6.2.2. customers/users

6.3. establish long term vision

6.4. user stories

7. dev core team

7.1. manages the Change Review meetings

7.1.1. every 2 weeks

7.1.2. questions: What is the feature What is the benefit Who is the customer Does it align wit the corporate vision Do users/stakeholders agree with priority? How are you planning to implement this? Why not consider another design?

8. Must have success metrics