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OSCE by Mind Map: OSCE

1. neurology

1.1. history taking

1.1.1. headache

1.1.2. sezier counselling sport swimming in controlled supervision in swimming pool cycling is gd if controlled sezier wear helmet marrigae FINE BUT NEED TO BE EXPRESSED AND KNOWN pregnancy some epileptic medication reduce oral contraceptive don't get pregnant before telling gut doctor jop driving need permission depend other photo sensitivy lack of sleep induce

1.2. physical examination

1.2.1. vision inspection in front and above vision acuity snellen chart shrt dis visual field confrontation test test both the one by one moving the finger central blind spot with a red point stick eye muscles movement moving like and H shape inspect the pupil cover test pupiliry reflex tourch accommodation fundoscope geeky MC

1.2.2. cerebellum gait walking heel to teo runberg test vision nystugmus speech repeat three sentences muscles tone of the upper arm resting tremor dysdiadokineasia finger- nose test intention tremor fine finger movment rebound lower leg tone heel to chin

1.2.3. upper limb motor inspection tone power finger nose and dysdiadochinesia rebound hofmman reflexes if u want sensory soft touch by cotton alldermatomos SHOW THE EXAMINER THAT YOU KNOW THE DERMATOMES sharp-dull all deramt TELL THE EXAMINER 128 MHZ IS THE APPROPRIATE ONE vibration finger sense of position coordination and proproception finger nose and dysdiadochinesia Indicates need to carry out full neurological examination

1.2.4. lower limb motor inspection tone clonus power babnski heel to shin sensory light touch sharp vibratioon SHOW THE EXAMINER THAT YOU KNOW THE DERMATOMES joint sense gait

1.2.5. first 6 CN olfactory if there is problem test each nostril which district smell as visuial trigeminal motor sensor corneal reflex jaw reflex

1.2.6. CN vII-xII VII inspection power VIII whisper test renin test wheber IX,X,XII cough palato uvula say aaaa blow cheeck inspect and palpate sternoclmastiod power inspect and palpate the trapezius power X!!

1.2.7. examination of extrapyrimdal system inspection while sitting on chair loss of facial expression hypophonia hypomimia poor eye contact micro graphia sebrrhia silrrhea tremor abduction of shoulder with flexion of are will exacerbate or ask him to count backward from ten tone rigidity, spasticity bradykinesia opening and closing of the fest fastly foot movment or thumb and index gait arm swing shuffling turned back in many steps short steps postual stability

2. psychiatry

2.1. suicidal risk


2.2. mental stat examination

2.2.1. appearance behaviour and attitude

2.2.2. speech

2.2.3. mood and affect

2.2.4. thought process and content

2.2.5. perception

2.2.6. cognition

2.2.7. insight and judjment