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Asking the way / Giving directions by Mind Map: Asking the way / Giving directions
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Asking the way / Giving directions

Asking for the way

Excuse me.

Where's the (nearest) ... ?

How do I get to the ... ?

Can you tell me the way to the ... ?

Is there a ... near here?

Saying you don't know

I'm sorry. I'm a stranger here myself.

I'm sorry, I don't know.

Giving directions

Go | Walk | Drive

Cross the ...

Take the first | second | third (turning) on the left | right.

Turn left | right at the

Turn round.

Asking for the distance

How far is that?

Is it far from here?

Saying where a place is


It's just around the corner.

It's over there.

It's the first | second ... on the left | right.

The ... is on the left | right.

That's the biggest | tallest | smallest building on the left | right.

Saying thank you

Thanks a lot.

Thank you anyway.

Giving information about the distance

It's ...

Just a few minutes on foot.

The ... is not far away.

You can't miss it.

Sentence starters

First ...

Then ... | After that ... | Next ...

Now ...

Finally ... | At last ...


Hang on. | Wait a minute.

Let me think.

That's easy.

Yes, of course.


It's my pleasure.

No problem.

That's okay.

You're welcome.