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Reading by Mind Map: Reading
0.0 stars - reviews range from 0 to 5


Helps you learn: words and meanings

Calms you down

Good for a break


Tell good stories with pictures and words

Explains and describes

Helps you with problems

Gives you information

Helps you learn about your religon

How else does reading benifit your Hauora?



Can it teach you more things than people can?

Ask adults facts out of an encyclopedia.

Can you learn all you need to learn from books?

See if some people can do new things with only using books to get info.

Can reading be bad for you and in what way?

Get some people to read and some people to not read.

Can reading encourge bad behaviour and how?

Get some people to read and some people to not read.

Can you become obsessed with reading?

Survey people; ask if after reading they prefer reading to tv.

Why do some books not have pictures?

See if adults or children prefer pictures.

Why are there different books for different ages?

Get some little kids to read chapter books and get adults to read picture books.

Why do different people like different books?

Get people with different personalties to read the same book.

Can non-fiction books be used as fiction books and vise versa?

See if you get the same info from a fiction and non fiction book on the same topic.

What is the best genre of book?

Review different books