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My Brother Keeper Ministry by Mind Map: My Brother Keeper Ministry

1. Public Relations

1.1. Make an Email Domain

1.1.1. [email protected] Contact Sign Ups

1.2. Set up a twitter

1.3. Order Business Cards

1.4. Make a Facebook Profile

1.5. Make a Public Relations Kit

1.5.1. A document explaing who we are, what we do, how tthey can help.

1.6. Thank You Cards for people or businessess that have helped us

1.6.1. Include coupons

2. Items to Purchase/Needed

2.1. A speaker system

2.2. A guitar

3. Prayer Request

3.1. For everything to go smoothly and work out for good!

3.2. More secure food donations

3.3. More Volunteers dedicated to the ministries

4. Praise & Thanks

4.1. Altamonte Springs Church Donations!

4.2. For Connie determinations, Marissa's organization and idea's, and Justin's hard work and support! Roxx-ans enthusiasm!

4.3. For the great ministry fair and the money raised from it and sign ups!

4.4. For no major conflicting events!

4.5. All the future help and God's guidance and Spirit!

4.6. Clothes Donated By Livingstone, GiGi, and Kemi!

4.7. For this website!

4.8. Great GYC Event and turnout!!!

4.9. Speaker Donation

4.10. Forest City Church and Lighthouse Collaboration

5. Homeless Request

5.1. Book Bags

5.2. Bibles Large Font

5.3. Hygiene Products

5.4. Job Resources

6. Other Events

6.1. Lake Eola Events (Website Link ->)

7. Food

7.1. Get in contact with bakery

7.2. Second Harvest Food Bank ( Can't until website

7.2.1. Contact connect Rick gave us

7.2.2. Establish a connect with Altamonte SDA

7.3. Publix Connect

7.4. Marshal Food Pantry Connection

8. Short Term Goals

8.1. Homeless Person Catalog

8.1.1. Reorganize and Impalement

8.2. Website/ Blog Page

8.2.1. Make and update website

8.2.2. Pick domain name

8.2.3. Format Website Who We are Our Programs Our Cause Gallery Our Own/ The People/ Donate Resources Get Involved

8.2.4. Fill in info

8.2.5. Gather Pictures

8.2.6. Forum Website

8.3. Find Assistant Leaders

8.3.1. Food Production Marissa Channer Kathleen George

8.3.2. Lot Management Justin D?

8.3.3. Personal Items Distribution Toiletries/Clothing Procuring Donations

8.3.4. Worship and Devotion Karen O. Stone

8.3.5. Outside Gathers

8.3.6. Prayer Section Connie

8.3.7. "Brother Keepers"

8.3.8. Social Worker

8.3.9. Social Media Relations Photo/Video Production Justin N. Bryan G. Angel R.

8.4. T-Shirt Fund's 4 Urban Survival Packs

8.4.1. Work Out pricing Bag Price T-Shirt Price Bag Item Price

8.4.2. Market for donations to cut cost

8.4.3. Have Homeless Custom paint the Shirts

8.4.4. List Items for each Bag

8.5. Develop Menu and Recipe Book

8.5.1. Break Down Item Price

8.6. Create and Update Contact Database

8.6.1. Get Coordinator

9. Intermediary Goals

9.1. Fundraiser Event

9.2. T-Shirt and Bag Program

9.3. Food Menu and Recipe Book

9.4. Start Planing for a Health day

9.4.1. Nurses, and Haircut

9.5. Partner with Local Academy H.S.

10. Long Term Goals

10.1. New Location

10.2. Food Truck

10.3. Make Ministry and Outreaches Self Sustainable

10.4. Discipleship Classes

10.4.1. Meet in library

11. Budget

11.1. $100 allocated from S.A.L.T.

11.2. $49 Donated at Ministry Fair

11.3. Expenses

12. MBK Sister Outreach Programs

12.1. His Hand's Service House

12.1.1. Helping Hands Network Develop Website Forum Page

12.2. Help Church Start a Homeless Ministry Program

12.2.1. Design a Template

12.3. Street Team Movement

13. Community Collaboration

13.1. Church's

13.2. Street Team Movement