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activities by Mind Map: activities

1. Global Mindedness

1.1. love for reading

1.2. Analytical

1.3. Intellectual curiousity and inquisitiveness

2. Disciplined Mind

3. Introduction to MindMeister

3.1. JC1 elearning team

3.1.1. Jack Cook I can read Russian I cannot drive I am left handed

3.1.2. Chue Mei Ling New node

3.1.3. Lim Peng Yeow

3.1.4. Loke Kok Leong

3.1.5. Tee Wen Ching Alysia I

3.2. JC2 elearning team

3.2.1. Lee Dunlin Frances

3.2.2. Loh Zhihong

3.2.3. Lee Keng Hoe I can drive I am a joker 会华语

3.2.4. Lim Beng Teck Larry

3.3. Economics department

3.3.1. Yip Oei Lin Anne

3.3.2. Lim Bee Moey

3.3.3. Lim I Reen i have been to norway i have been to israel i have been to germany

3.3.4. Teo Yan Ni Linda I like blue I've been to Korea before I occasionally go to KTV to sing

3.3.5. Alex Lum Ican ride a bike Ican handle a speed boat I can fly a plane I break the sound barrier! Traffic Police? What's that? My dream car is a Landrover disguised as a Porsche Hellocookie tomorrow is the thing

3.3.6. Pauline Yeong

3.3.7. Vanessa Kwan

3.3.8. Suhana Subhan Binte Mohamed Sulor I am a pro at Mindmeister

3.3.9. Vanessa Seah

3.4. Arts department ICT coordinators

3.4.1. Eric Lee Wei Tat I would actually rather be an Econs teacher I have completed a few marathons I have gone on radio as a deejay

3.4.2. Tan Hua Hui Josef Economics ROCKS! but... economic GEOGRAPHY rocks the world! :) I know what's the difference between a ROCK and a STONE

3.4.3. Ashley Tan I can write backwards I am a ballroom dancer I have abseiled down a waterfall.

4. Surowiecki - The wisdom of crowds

5. critical thinking

6. Communication

7. Brainstorming

7.1. 21st Century attributes

7.1.1. Attitudes, beliefs, values dare to fail risk-taking integrity never say die resilience 忍

7.1.2. Thinking empathetic thinking in different perspectives creative thinking

7.1.3. Skills networking IT Literacy multi tasking seeing connections creativity prioritizing

7.1.4. Others EQ be proactive Learning Mandarin