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critical thinking


Global Mindedness

love for reading


Intellectual curiousity and inquisitiveness

Disciplined Mind


21st Century attributes

Attitudes, beliefs, values, dare to fail, risk-taking, integrity, never say die, resilience, 忍,

Thinking, empathetic, thinking in different perspectives, creative thinking

Skills, networking, IT Literacy, multi tasking, seeing connections, creativity, prioritizing

Others, EQ, be proactive, Learning Mandarin

Introduction to MindMeister

To add a new "daughter" node, click on the "mother" node and then click on Add. To delete any node, select it and click on Delete. To move a node, click it and drag and drop it where you wish.

JC1 elearning team

Jack Cook, I can read Russian, I cannot drive, I am left handed

Chue Mei Ling, New node

Lim Peng Yeow

Loke Kok Leong

Tee Wen Ching Alysia, I

JC2 elearning team

Lee Dunlin Frances

Loh Zhihong

Lee Keng Hoe, I can drive, I am a joker, 会华语

Lim Beng Teck Larry

Economics department

Yip Oei Lin Anne

Lim Bee Moey

Lim I Reen, i have been to norway, i have been to israel, i have been to germany

Teo Yan Ni Linda, I like blue, I've been to Korea before, I occasionally go to KTV to sing

Alex Lum, Ican ride a bike, Ican handle a speed boat, I can fly a plane, I break the sound barrier!, Traffic Police? What's that?, My dream car is a Landrover disguised as a Porsche, Hellocookie tomorrow is the thing

Pauline Yeong

Vanessa Kwan

Suhana Subhan Binte Mohamed Sulor, I am a pro at Mindmeister

Vanessa Seah

Arts department ICT coordinators

Eric Lee Wei Tat, I would actually rather be an Econs teacher, I have completed a few marathons, I have gone on radio as a deejay

Tan Hua Hui Josef, Economics ROCKS!, but... economic GEOGRAPHY rocks the world! :), I know what's the difference between a ROCK and a STONE

Ashley Tan, I can write backwards, I am a ballroom dancer, I have abseiled down a waterfall.

Surowiecki - The wisdom of crowds