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BI by Mind Map: BI

1. Architecture

1.1. Focused on information view

1.1.1. Data-mart bus architecture Linked conformed dimensional Data-marts Independent non-integrated Data-marts

1.1.2. Hub-and-Spoke architecture Data-mart Centralised Data-warehouse represents the traditional focus

2. Technology

2.1. Reporting

2.2. Ad-hock querying

2.3. OLAP

2.4. Predictive analysis

2.4.1. Rule based simulations

2.4.2. Web services together with multi-tier enterprise analytic operations represents the contemporary direction of the field

2.4.3. Advanced visualisation capabilities

3. Provides

3.1. Single version of truth

3.2. Actionable insights

3.2.1. Strategic, tactical and operational knowledge (basis for)

3.3. Simplified system implementation, deployment and administration

4. Contemporary