ICT CPD Teachers Map

This is the summary map for identifying key features of the landscape and climate of the project.

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ICT CPD Teachers Map by Mind Map: ICT CPD Teachers Map


1.1. Teachers: the doubters, the wary, the uncommitted, the converted, the evangelists

1.1.1. Performance Review

1.1.2. contextual factors perceptions and dispositions disempowerment media use in everyday lives perceived threat from changing power dynamics skill level technology use in everyday life habitus of learning number of years in profession geographical location age subject specialism work environment as inhibiting connectedness Availability of technology/"ownership" Time Complex Change Vision Skills Resources Incentives/rewards Action Plans Evaluations

1.1.3. School Staffing structures Headteacher CPD Manager Bursar Governors AST Teacher Head of Dept HLTAs Support staff Peripatetics Disability Specialists FT, PT & FTE staff Supply staff Subject specialis / Subject Lead SMT/SLT Mentors