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English Tenses: Present by Mind Map: English Tenses:
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English Tenses: Present

This is a sample mind map.

Present tense

Present simple

Structure, Positive, Subject + verb, I work at Google., Negative, Subject + auxiliary verb + not + verb, He doesn't know her., Question, Auxiliary verb + subject + verb, Do I look like a penguin?

Uses, Facts and generalization, Habits and routines, Permanent situations

Present continuous

Structure, Positive, Subject + auxiliary verb to be + verb + ing, I am starting university next year., Negative, Subject + auxiliary verb + not + verb + ing, He isn't talking to me right now., Question, Auxiliary verb + subject + verb + ing, Are you making fun of me?

Uses, Something that's in progress right now, Something incomplete or temporary

Present perfect

Present perfect simple

Structure, Positive, Subject + have/has + past participle, Mom has phoned twice already., Negative, Subject + haven't/hasn't + past participle, I haven't seen her in years., Question, Have/has + subject + past participle, Has he seen the mess you made?

Uses, Things that began in the past and continue to the present, Actions that happened at an unknown time in the past, Actions that happened in the past and have an effect on the present

Present perfect continuous

Structure, Positive, Subject + has/have + been + verb + ing, I have been standing here for an hour., Negative, Subject + hasn't/haven't + been + verb + ing, You haven't been using the car lately., Question, Has/have + Subject + been + verb + ing, Has Alice been practicing her speech?

Uses, An action that has recently stopped, Something that started in the past and continue in the present