Linear Momentum

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Linear Momentum by Mind Map: Linear Momentum

1. Momentum

1.1. p=mv

1.2. kg*m/s

1.3. vector quanity

2. Impulse Momentum Theorem

2.1. change in p=sum of the F*change of t

2.2. the change in momentum equals the impulse

2.3. Impusle

2.3.1. N*s

2.3.2. = F(av)*change in t

3. Newton's Second Law

3.1. F=lim (change of p)/(change of t)

4. Conservation of momentum

4.1. momentum is conserved if the net external forces on a system are zero

5. Center of mass

5.1. Motion

5.1.1. P=Mv(cm)

5.2. multiple equations pg. 234

6. Collisions

6.1. Three Types

6.1.1. Elastic Total kinetic energy is same before and after

6.1.2. Inelastic final KE is less then the initial KE

6.1.3. Completely Inelastic Completely stick together Same as inelastic

6.2. In one dimensions

6.3. In two dimensions