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Biometric Devices by Mind Map: Biometric Devices

1. Physiological

1.1. Finger Prints

1.2. Face recognition

1.3. DNA

1.4. Iris Recognition

1.5. Toe print

1.6. Retina Recogntion

2. Behavioral

2.1. Voice recognition

2.2. Typing rhythm

2.3. Way one types

3. Examples

3.1. New British ID Cards

3.2. Perins Library

3.3. Admission to the USA

3.4. Swiss European surveillance: facial recognition and vehicle make, model, color and license plate reader.

3.5. Admission to places

4. Advantages

4.1. Increased security

4.2. Reduce fraud

4.3. Eliminate problems with "lost" cards etc

4.4. No forgetting passwords

4.5. Can be quicker

5. Disadvantages

5.1. Could be used for purposes against the persons wish

5.2. People with disabilities might find it difficult or impossible to use certain kinds e.g Blind/No finger/Difficult to manouver into a position

5.3. If one has a cut finger it will not work