Literary Devices used in Satire

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Literary Devices used in Satire by Mind Map: Literary Devices used in Satire

1. Symbolism

1.1. Symbolism: a device that uses symbols to represent ideas and emotions.

1.2. Names like Cunegonde,Cacambo, Candide seems like just a name however there are meaning that may symbolize their characteristics.

2. Personification

2.1. Personification : a device when a thing is represented as a human

3. Metaphor

3.1. Metaphor : a device that expresses by comparing two things, saying that one is another

3.2. In chapter 16 the apes seemed to be the human or men that the women loves. This is a metaphor because apes aren't actual humans however in the book they are treated like humans

4. Simile

4.1. Simile : a device that compares two unlike things. Often uses words like or as