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The Life of Katie Galati by Mind Map: The Life of Katie Galati
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The Life of Katie Galati

Born March 23, 1973


Parents: Rick Galati Kristi Galati

Richard is the CFO of

Kristine is the Accounts Payable Manager of

Kristi and Rick live in Mississippi

Siblings: Kim, Ricky, Ryan, Russell

Kim got married on October 15th, 2005 to Spencer

Had a baby boy named Solomon on April 9th, 2008

Ricky is currently enrolled in BYU Law School

Ryan is currently enrolled in BYU

Russell is currently enrolled in Holly Springs

Favorite Color: Green

I buy EVERYTHING in green!

Went to 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 2 high schools

Porter, Franklin, Carlos Rivera, Morehead, Coronado, Paul Laurence Dunbar

I Have a LOT of connections all over the country

Blonde Hair, Green eyes, 5'9"

I Look just like my Mom

My Childhood

Spent every day with Janell, outside, camping, playing Barbies, swimming in our pool, running around, playing house, dressing up my little brother in girl clothes, shopping at the mall, hanging out with my brother and his friends, making trouble, kissing boys, watching movies, very involved in church, driving around with loud music on, eating out, running, studying. In that order.

Learning is my passion

Never skipped school and loved my Sophomore, Junior and Senior High school English Teachers

Got accepted to BYU, First Major: Political Science from state debate team in high school, 2nd Major: Pre-Dietetics from loving nutrition, but found out science wasn't my forte, 3rd Major: English Teaching from the realization of how much I loved English in high school and how I want to help others, Making the Dean's List sealed the deal and I will forever be an English major!

Favorite Book: The Notebook

Reading books makes me imagine what the movie would be like in my head.

I LOVE movies!

Favorite Hobby: Running

I have only run in one official race, but my goal to run a marathon.

Running in organized races are not only beneficial to your own health, but are usually affiliated with charities!