Spending Time Wisely

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Spending Time Wisely by Mind Map: Spending Time Wisely

1. Get rid of this gate and kill a willoWisp - then leave to Bank of Hawaii - get the information order new pin.

2. Daily Bucket

2.1. Rocks

2.1.1. Pacific Rim Christian College Signing up for Koas Classes Auditing the Isaiah Class Getting the notes from Pastor Alex Signing in to get the stuff for the online quiz for Old Testament Survey Extracuricular Activities

2.1.2. Car Selling Ford Escort Buying White Hardtop Mercedes Convertible

2.2. Pebbles

2.2.1. Rap Albums Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (Apologetics Twist) Stipulations Evangelism The Bible's Credibility The Cost When you Stumble Affirmations of a Saint Armor of God Bait of Satan Vision Purpose Statutes Beatitudes Just Us

2.2.2. Free Vacations Hawaii

2.2.3. Record Label

2.2.4. LXR Hawaii Paying Taxes

2.3. Sand

2.3.1. Income $250/mo for Listing for Aloha Jetskis on Website

2.4. Water

3. Priority

3.1. Caveats

3.1.1. A tired, emotional brain is not best placed to make decisions – this is when the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater. Good decisions are made by alert, objective minds, so make an effort to keep your energy levels up and your stress levels down.

3.2. Techniques

3.2.1. Take pressure off and make good prioritising decisions by creating a list of questions to ask yourself when deciding what you should be doing and when

3.2.2. Introspection o Is this important? o Is this urgent? o Do I have to do this o Can I do this differently?

4. Car

4.1. Buy the Stereo from Craigslist check #

4.2. Order the faceplate from eBay

4.3. Install the stereo on the other side of the car

5. Koko Marina

5.1. Workout pecs

5.1.1. Triecps

5.2. Bank of Hawaii get my information and a new PIN and order the thing off of eBay with my card

5.2.1. Check bank of Hawaii

5.3. Blockbuster Games

6. School

6.1. Email the Karate people find it out online

7. Oblivino