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German Holiday Traditions by Mind Map: German Holiday Traditions
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German Holiday Traditions

Holiday Calendars in German - Interesting but Especially Challenging

Weihnachtskalender aus der Weihnachtsstadt

Toms Advent Calendar

Leo's 2009 Advent Calendar

Hödi's Apfentskalendar

Seelenfarben - Soul Colors

Advent Calendar mit Mari...und Caspar David Friedrich



Cornelsens 2009 DAF Calendar

Unser Sandmännchen - The Beloved German Animation

German Music Calendar -'s 2009 Advent Calendar

Goethe Institute's 2009 Advent Calendar

Hueber 2009 Adventskalender Contest

Mathe Spass Holiday Calendar

Uli Stein's 2009 Comic Advent Calendar

Advent Calenders

Christmas Markets - A German Tradition

Berliner Christmas Markets


Nuremberg (the most famous of all the Christmas Markets)

Seiffen, in the Erzgebirge

Vocabulary - Wortschatz

Krampus, and other incarnations of this Sankt-Nikolaus-counterpart in German-speaking cultures

Krampus Festival, Schladming 2009

Krampus in World Pop Culture

Klausenbärbel on December 4th, St. Barbara's Day

Sankt Nikolaus

The Legend of St. Nikolaus @ Germany.Info

St. Nicholas Center: Discovering the Truth About Santa Claus

Hanukkah Market in Berlin

Ku'damm 101

Jewish Museum in Berlin

The Hanukkah Festival

Chrismukkah - Museum Exhibit in Berlin

Hanukkah Game

What is your Chrismukkah type?

Holiday Meals, Dishes and Deserts

der Schnee (snow)

Truth about Germany: der Schnee

Knecht Rupprecht

German Christmas A to Z

Videos About Specific Traditions

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