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Science by Mind Map: Science

1. Specialized cells

1.1. Red Blood Cell

1.2. Nerve cell

1.3. Muscle Cell

1.4. Bone cell

1.5. Sperm Cell

1.6. White Blood Cell

1.7. Brain Cell

1.8. Goblet Cell

1.9. Egg Cell

2. Rocks

2.1. Types of rocks

2.1.1. Igneous Rocks Basalt and granite Usually the hardest rock type, containing shiny crystals

2.1.2. Sedimentary Rocks sandstone and limestone The softest rock type, containing thin layers and twisted fossils.

2.1.3. Metamorphic Rocks marble and slate Ussualy harder than sedimentary rocks, containing thin layers and twisted fossils.

2.2. How are rocks formed?

2.2.1. Sedimentary Rocks Sedimentary rocks are formed from multiple layers of solid particles and dissolved minerals over thousands of years in the ocean.

2.2.2. Metamorphic Rocks Sedimentary rocks are turned into metamorphic rocks by the extreme pressures and temperatures deep within the earth.

2.2.3. Igneous Rocks Magma is a type of molten rock found deep underground. Occasionaly magma rises up through the earth's surface, causing volcanic eruptions. Igneous rocks are formed when it cools and solidifies.

3. Characteristics of Living things

3.1. Mrs. Gren

3.1.1. Movement They change positions on their own.

3.1.2. Respiration They take in oxygen.

3.1.3. Sensitivity They sense things in the surroundings and react to them.

3.1.4. Growth They become bigger as they get older.

3.1.5. Reproduction They produce young.

3.1.6. Excretion They get rid of waste products.

3.1.7. Nutrition They need food and water.