Marketing Channels

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Marketing Channels by Mind Map: Marketing Channels

1. Computer Retail Store

1.1. Retail stores are usually small stores that carry certain computer brands. Benefits are that the employees have a great amount of knowledge about the products they are selling thus if a customer needs assistance, a retail store is the best route. It is limited to the types of computers one can buy as they only specialize in certain computers.

2. Mail Order

2.1. Using Mail Order, one can call a vendor who will ship out a product directly to the customer. Benefit is that pricing is low and usually this method is used if assistance is not needed. It is, however, limited to providing assistance to customers as most customers are experienced users

3. Manufacturer Direct

3.1. This methods provides products directly from the manufacturer. Benefits is that customers can configure their own models and this method also targets large corporations. There are disadvantages or limits to the manufacturer as they have to provide technical support.

4. Value-Added Resellers

4.1. This methods provides computers that have software that meet the needs of the customer. Benefits of using this method is that the software installed satisfies the customers goals. It is limited in a way such that if the reseller does not have the system to support you needs, you must piece together a system yourself.