Car Accident User Journey

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Car Accident User Journey by Mind Map: Car Accident User Journey

1. I was in a car accident

1.1. Screen

1.1.1. Car Stolen

1.1.2. Car Crash

1.1.3. Car Damage

1.2. Cover Screen

1.2.1. Auto Input Location Change Location with PIN Icon Date and Time Change date and time with calendar Icon

1.2.2. Buttons Do you need medical assistance Help is on it's way Estimated Time of Arrival Do you require a tow truck We've requested a registered tow truck on your behalf. Fill out the accident report while you wait. Estimated Time of Arrival Do you require us to call you One of our operators will call you within 5 minutes

1.3. Accident Report

1.3.1. Drivers Details Name Surname Car Make Car License Number Add a Photo Driver License Number Add a Photo License Disk Add a Photo Cell Number eMail Physical Address Add Notes

1.4. Car Damage

1.4.1. Drop Pin on Car Image

1.5. Police

1.5.1. Auto Input Closest Police Station Number Directions

1.5.2. Button Manual Search

1.6. Review Report

1.7. Submit Accident Report to Hollard

1.8. Thanks. We have a received your accident report.

2. Pre-Input of Cars

2.1. Automatically Updated

3. Main Menu

3.1. Profile

3.2. Account

3.3. Car Claims

3.4. Time

3.5. Household Claim