WordPress 101

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WordPress 101 by Mind Map: WordPress 101

1. Installation

1.1. The Easy Way

1.1.1. Shared/Virtual Web Hosting Services One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with Blue Host WordPress QuickInstall (Host Gator) Godaddy Tutorials - Installing WordPress (One-Click Install)

1.2. The Best, most Flexible Way

1.2.1. Installing WordPress on Amazon Web Services Creating and Amazon Instance and Installing WordPress and supporting technologies like MySQL, PHP, and others. One Click Install on AWS using BitNami Use BitNami Pre-configured Virtual Machine Instances directly in AWS

1.3. The Hard, Qwirky but most benefial way for Testing, Learning and Exploring Everything WordPress

1.3.1. How to Install WordPress on your Windows Computer Using WAMP

2. Themes

2.1. WordPress Themes (Premium)

2.1.1. Themeforest

2.2. Mojo Themes is somewhat similar, but quality may vary. (ThemeForest vets all of there themes, before allowing for sell in the marketplace.)

3. Tools

3.1. Learn what a website is built with, whether it is WordPress or not. Built With is a great tool.

3.2. hat WordPress Theme is That?

3.3. Strip any almost any Site and Download HTML, CSS, and Javascript (For Study Purposes Only)

4. WordPress Plugins

4.1. Translation

4.1.1. Google Language Translator

4.1.2. Top 6 Translation Plugins for Your WordPress Site (Free and Premium Plugins)