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Mindblogging by Mind Map: Mindblogging

1. Make sense?

1.1. Kinda look good

1.2. Easy to write (draw)

1.3. But difficult to read, perhaps?

1.4. Good to structure our thoughts

2. MindMap based blogging

2.1. Visual blogging?

2.2. Adding links

2.3. Guiding attention span

2.4. Can this redefine blogs?

3. Example

3.1. TRIZ and 2008

3.1.1. Focus Asia Business Process Re-Eng Mgmt Strategy Bleeding edge tech Like Nano Biotech

3.1.2. Better or worse? Will have to wait and see Bigger awareness for sure

3.1.3. Merge with other techniques Lean System thinking?

4. About this tool

4.1. MindMeister.com

4.2. A web based online tool

4.3. Basic version is free