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Liar, Liar by Mind Map: Liar, Liar

1. Unlike Vincentio, Prospero Brings About a Really Happy Ending.

2. Support From Text

2.1. Dishonest in Failing to Enforce Laws

2.2. Dishonest in Creating a Scapegoat for Harsh Enforcement

2.3. Needlessly Dishonest in Priestly Disguise

2.3.1. Hears Confessions

2.3.2. Violates Seal of Confession

2.4. Dishonest About His Own Celibacy

2.4.1. Boasts of his Otherworldliness

2.4.2. Imposes Marriage on Isabella

2.5. Dishonest With Himself

2.5.1. Claims to Seek Self-Knowledge

2.5.2. Learns Nothing of His Own Errors in Governing Pardons Angelo's Attempted Murder Pardons Bernardine

3. Refutation of Opposing Views

3.1. BBC Production

3.1.1. Ignores or Understates the Duke's Character Flaws

3.1.2. But, in the end, Duke behaves badly. Forces Isabella to Marry Frees Violent Criminals

3.2. Analogy with Propsero

3.2.1. Unlike Vincentio, Prospero Shows True Mercy That Harms No One.

3.2.2. Unlike Vincentio, Propsero Truly Gives Up Power.