MindMeister Branded Template

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MindMeister Branded Template by Mind Map: MindMeister Branded Template

1. Mind map template

1.1. Saves time

2. MindMeister CI

3. Created for re-use

3.1. Create your own!

3.2. Duplicate it whenever you need a new mind map

3.3. Leave the mind map itself blank

4. This is a customized boundary

4.1. Using the MindMeister colors

4.2. Saved for re-use

4.2.1. Click on any topic

4.2.2. Go to sidebar

4.2.3. Click on "Boundary"

4.2.4. Click "Customize"

4.2.5. Create boundary

4.2.6. Save boundary

4.3. Super efficient!