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Biodiversity by Mind Map: Biodiversity

1. vertebrates and invertebrates

2. includes variety within a smaller group

3. flowering and non-flowering plants

4. Like kingdoms

5. stop releasing unwanted pet to the wild

6. Stopping introduction of non-native species

7. praticising 3 rs

8. How to preserve Biodiversity

9. Changes or loss of habitats

10. Invasion of other organisms of a kind

11. Diseases

12. Excessive hunting

13. which classifies

14. provides resources like food,medicine and raw materials

15. to maintain a stable system in nature

16. why biodiversity is important

17. is the variety of life on earth

18. Can be systematically studied using a Dichotomous key

19. Organisms

20. based on observable characteristics

21. threats on biodiversity

21.1. Excessive hunting