Ashley Mauger

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Ashley Mauger by Mind Map: Ashley Mauger

1. Hair spray

1.1. SD alcohol

1.1.1. 2 to 3 months Dont use that much like only spray 2 times.

2. Shampoo

2.1. Water

2.1.1. 1 to 2 months Instead of using a clementine size amount, I could use a cherry sized amount so I don't use that much.

3. Lightbulbs

3.1. sand

3.1.1. 3 to 5 months Replace the old ones with energy saver lightbulb

4. Bagel

4.1. Wheat

4.1.1. 2 weeks When they get stale, I can break them to pieces and put them outside for the birds and squirrels

5. Bread

5.1. Wheat

5.1.1. 2 weeks When it goes stale you can give it to the birds or squirrels for food. I also could make bread crumbs out of the bread.

6. Water Bottle

6.1. Water

6.1.1. 1 to 2 weeks I can drink all the water then i can use the water bottle to put different drinks in.

7. Toothpaste

7.1. Flouride

7.1.1. 4 months Instead of using a dime-sized amount, I willl use a pea-sized amount

8. Paper

8.1. Tress

8.1.1. 3 months I can make sure that i use the whole sheet of paper and not only half of it. When i am done with it I can recycle the paper.

9. Pants

9.1. Denim

9.1.1. 4 years Donate to Goodwill or Give to younger siblings

10. Books

10.1. Trees

10.1.1. 10 to 15 years Once I am done reading the book or I want to get rid of it, I can give it to my local library.

11. Pen

11.1. Oil

11.1.1. 1 year I could get a pen where you can get ink to replace so you dont have to keep buying new pens when they run out of ink.

12. Cellphone

12.1. Metal

12.1.1. 2 years When it doesn't work I can give it my younger siblings and they can pretend they have a phone. I could also use it just for emergancies.

13. Toilet paper

13.1. Tree

13.1.1. 2 weeks to a month Use only 3 squares instead of 5 or 6 squares

14. Television

14.1. Metal

14.1.1. 10 years My family can limit the amount of hours you use the t.v to only two hours. When we are not using it we can unplug it to save money and help the environment.

15. Pajamas

15.1. Cotton

15.1.1. 1 to 3 years Use them as long as possible and then give to younger sibling or Goodwill.

16. Car

16.1. Metal

16.1.1. 20 to 40 years Use the car to the fullest and then make sure you recycle it properly.

17. Bed Frame

17.1. Tree

17.1.1. 10 years I could use the wood as firewood when it is broken.

18. Purse

18.1. Cow

18.1.1. 5 years I could make a wallet out of the leather.

19. Hairstraightener

19.1. Metal

19.1.1. 2 to 3 years Don't use it that long and as soon as I am done with it, I can unplug it immediately.

20. Alarm clock

20.1. Metal

20.1.1. 5 years I can have one alarm clock in my room and the I can wake up to it and then wake eveyone else up.

21. Computer

21.1. metal

21.1.1. 5 years Only use the computer when you need to. Only spend an hour on it everyday

22. Butter

22.1. Cow

22.1.1. 1 month Instead of using 1 slice of a stick of butter, I can use half a slice or even smaller. Just limit the amount I are going to use.

23. Sofa

23.1. Cotton

23.1.1. 10 to 15 years If the fabric on the sofa is somewhat hard then I could use it for a rag.

24. Shirts

24.1. Cotton

24.1.1. 2 years Donate to goodwill or give it to your younger siblings

25. Backpack

25.1. Cotton

25.1.1. 3 years Have the backpack in a good condition so you can use it for awhile. (2 to 3 years)

26. Gum

26.1. Sugar

26.1.1. 1 to 2 hours I can limit the amount of of pieces i eat in a day, I can eat two pieces a day instead of three or four.

27. Socks

27.1. Cotton

27.1.1. 2 to 3 years When the socks get dirty or two small I can make sock puppets. I could also use them for rags for a white board.