School should start at a later timing. What are your views?

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School should start at a later timing. What are your views? by Mind Map: School should start at a later timing.  What are your views?

1. Agree: If school starts late there will be less latecomers, people will be more willing to come to school, have more time to shower and eat breakfast and most importantly, have more sleep as students tend to come back at 7pm when Co-Curricular Activities and Remedial classes end. Lastly, people do not have to worry about detention, ha ha! Disagree: If schools starts later, dismissal time will also be set later and it is usually the hottest part of the day at least two hours after noon. Students also need to be trained to be punctual for the 'work life'. So in either way, if schools start earlier or later, the consequences are basically the same and students will keep complaining. There is no end to stop these complaints.

2. We will have more time to play and rest, reducing our stress after school.

3. Agreed, in the end students will still be late for school.

4. If school ends at the same time, but starts later, we will have lesser time to study

5. If school starts late then we will also have to end school late too. Also, during this age it's important that we have enough sleep, rather than spending our sleeping time for homework.

6. Then we will have time for breakfast

7. In the future when we all students start working if we are not punctual and are not trained since young

8. So that students can go home early

9. People may go to sleep later at night and still have the same amount of sleep.

10. Forcing the students to wake up early in the morning is to train them to be punctual and to be responsible to themselves.

10.1. more time to sleep

11. there will be less late comers.

12. People will not stop complaining otherwise.

13. Point 1: If school starts late, then we will have more time to sleep

13.1. We will have more time to get to school

14. can eat more....

15. Point 2: If school starts later, we will come home late and sleep at a later time.

16. Disagree

16.1. Then dismissal time will be later

17. Students wake up at 6am, come home at 7pm to 8pm after Co-Curricular Activities. How can we expect them to be still be productive to deal with a whole load of homework? By the time they sleep it would be around 12am, and they can only sleep for only 5 hours or less. Also, they only have two days of rest, which is usually not enough. Therefore, school should start later.

17.1. Students who live farther away from school does not need to wake up so early.

17.2. Students can have more time to do homework.

17.3. Decrease in the number of late comers.

18. students will pay more attention in class.

18.1. Agree

18.1.1. We won't have panda eyes under our eyelids.

18.1.2. We will be more willing to go to school.

19. We will have more time to rest and have full energy the next day

20. People will take advantage of it.

21. Disagree

22. yes so that we can sleep

23. Students are extremely stressed in the morning and are rushing to get to school on time! That way they don't have a good breakfast they don't have time to review their studies and they get to school tired and depressed! Sometimes even with all that they are still late! If school would start 45 min later and end 45 min later all that could be stopped! Students would get more sleep, and would have a good breakfast.

24. There's no point in starting later. Most teenagers ranging from 15+ years old only need about 7 hours of sleep. If you can manage to get more sleep at night, then you should be set. Just because a couple of students can't manage to wake up and be ready to start their day when told doesn't mean the whole school should just move up their start times.

25. We have more time to sleep and eat when school starts later

26. We can have more time to sleep and rest to have full energy the next day and pay even more attention the next day. :)