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Digitalpersona by Mind Map: Digitalpersona

1. Biometric Fingerprint Scanner & Reader Software DigitalPersona offers a wide range of biometric fingerprint scanner and reader software that allow you to choose the solution that best aligns with your security needs and your budget requirements. Contact them to know more.

2. Strong Biometric Authentication DigitalPersona provides fingerprint biometric hardware, strong authentication software and developer tools with a wide range of solutions to meet their identity verification needs. Contact them to know more.

3. Identity Verification DigitalPersona provides fingerprint biometric identity verification solutions to prevent fraud, achieve compliance and improve customer service across multiple industries. Visit them to know more.

4. Biometric Fingerprint Scanner DigitalPersona Inc. offers biometrics-based fingerprint scanner and authentication solutions for programs such as banking and government entitlement benefits. Visit them for more details.

5. Fingerprint SDK DigitalPersona offers a client-server SDK that enables businesses to add fingerprint authentication to their web-based applications. They provide a number of authentication solutions. Contact them to know more.

6. Multi Factor Authentication DigitalPersona provides proven and highly effective multi factor authentication and access management solutions for securing access to your applications, computers and networks. Visit their website for more details.

7. Biometric Access Control DigitalPersona provides a wide range of biometric access control and fingerprint solutions that help you protect from passwords stealing, borrowing or forging ID cards. Contact them to know more.